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Simple Comfort

Beautiful and soft , yet simple and affordable, a combination that will help you find your zen.  Available for delivery right to your door with free shipping, Zen is closer than you think.

On Sale! $1.79 / sf

Soft and Quiet

Relax, it is as soft and comfortable as it is beautiful. Tranquility carpet tiles are designed with the Do-It-Yourselfer in mind. Simple peel and stick installation and Simply Seamless technology make Tranquility a perfect wall to wall choice.

On Sale! $1.79 / sf

Feet Bliss

The warmth and comfort that carpet brings to a room is now available in tile form.  Serenity is easy to install and comes in a "go with anything" color pallete.  You are only a few boxes of tile away from a serene room with beautiful new carpet.

On Sale! $1.79 / sf

Relaxed and Comfortable

Sarasota is that kicked back relaxed kind of place where everyday can be a day at the beach. Our Sarasota style of Carpet Tile by Berkshire Flooring brings that same feel to your floor. You will love the ease of care of this carpet tile.

$2.99 / sf

Hip and Young

Inspired by all things young and playful, the Pop Culture Collection is as fun as it is practical. Bright colors and old school shag make this collection a statement wherever you put it.

$3.50 / sf

Deep pile, tight twist

The Paddington Square Collection offers unmatched versatility.  Whether you are finishing a basement, creating a custom rug, or filling your whole home with beautiful new carpet, Paddington Square has the look you are seeking.

$3.59 / sf

Uptown Elegance

SoHo is the most casually elegant carpet tile you can find. Our SoHo style gathers it's inspiration from Manhattan's SoHo District which is known for it's unique trendy upscale charm. The slightly edgy look with it's high twist, shaggy yarn immediately makes you feel at home. With a range of colors, it is easy to find the one that is right for your floor. The yarn is so soft yet has a pile so thick that you won’t be able to resist kicking off your shoes and going barefoot.

$3.79 / sf

Decadent and Soft

Luxe is Berkshire Flooring’s most luxurious carpet tile. You can really sink your toes into this super soft, thick dense carpet. You will find the feel is awesome with looks to match. The look is refined and the color offerings are soothing. Made from Ultrasoft fiber so soft you may forget that you have furniture.

$3.99 / sf

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