Glue Dots make it easy to mix and match planks and design your perfect rug. They are non-toxic, acid free and will adhere to almost any surface (concrete, wood, ceramic, natural stone, etc). Glue Dots are made from an archival quality pressure sensitive adhesive that will not damage the surfaces they adhere to. Simply peel off the liner, attach to the Infinity Carpet Plank and stick the carpet to your floor. Dots can be used economically sharing one dot across the corners of multiple tiles on dust-free surfaces, or in greater quantities as needed for your substrate. The adhesive is releasable, so feel free to re-position as much as you'd like. Get the adhesive dirty or dusty? No worries! You can even rinse them off, allow to dry and stick it to your floor again. 

Glue Dots - Pack of 60 1" Dots

60 Pack of 1" Dots (10 perforated sheets of 6 dots each)
Acid Free
Bonds Instantly
Perforated Clear Liner
Resealable Pouch