Carpet Tile - The Carpet You Can Install Yourself


As the DIY world has grown over the years, installing carpet has long remained one of those projects too daunting for the typical Do-it-Yourselfer. To install traditional, stretch in, wall to wall broadloom, specialty tools and a unique skill set are required. Coupled with the difficulty of estimating the amount needed and the logistics of hauling 12 to 15 foot wide rolls of carpet home from the carpet store, carpet installation has been left mostly to the pros. Carpet tile is set to change this paradigm.


Carpet tiles, often called carpet squares, are easy to handle, easy to cut and easy to install. Not all carpet tiles are created equally however. Berkshire Flooring is the manufacturer of the worlds only seamless residential carpet tile. Using proprietary technology, the tiles are produced in such a way that when installed properly, the seams simply disappear. With an attached cushion and peel and stick pre-applied adhesive, these carpet tiles are the easiest carpet you will ever install.