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New, modern, clever design

Modern Design is all about taking new approaches, using new materials, and solving problems differently. Residential carpet tile is a new approach to carpet that allows for traditional looking wall to wall carpeting in a simple do it yourself format. The Modern Design collection is the simplest form of what we love about carpet tile. With its high performance SoftTrac backing system and recycled content, soft PermaClean BCF polyester fiber this collection makes carpet easy, affordable and forward thinking.

On Sale! $1.79 / sf


A clean modern look for any style

The Mid-Century Collection pays homage to the modernist movement that brought us the iconic buildings and furniture of the era. Ornate detailing gave way to sleek lines, clean finishes, and new materials. The Mid-Century Collection follows after this heritage with its clean, modern look and innovative new materials.

On Sale! $1.79 / sf


A flooring option that over delivers

Thriving is more than just living. It is feeling good when you wake up in the morning and going the extra mile on your evening run. The Thrive Collection tries to capture that same feeling of delivering more than you would expect from your flooring.

On Sale! $1.99 / sf

Vintage Elements

Timeless Style

Vintage Elements incorporates all of the things we love about our history: the rich textures, the comfortable familiarity, and the deep story lines. This collection brings elements of the old and mixes them with the new to deliver the perfect balance of style and comfort.

On Sale! $2.19 / sf


Cozy, relaxed, and comfortable

Nantucket is the kind of place where life moves a little slower. It is a comfortable place where you can unwind. The Nantucket Collection is based on that same feeling. It is a relaxed, casual look where comfort is the priority.

On Sale! $2.75 / sf

Refinement for the most discerning tastes

A well tailored suit makes you feel confident, attractive, and ready to take on the world. The Tailored Collection, though stunning and ready to perform, will make you want to take your time putting on those expensive imported dress shoes and encourage you to let your toes wiggle a little longer in the UltraSoft pile.

On Sale! $2.99 / sf


The Perfect Add On for Your Project

Looking for underlayment? We've got it. Need glue? Try our Glue Dots.

Special Deals

Limited Time Offers - Save Big Now!

Looking for the best deal? Look no further! Our special deals collection consists of first quality products at bargain prices.

Welcoming feeling with warm, softened colors and textures

Each Berkshire Flooring Collection features a line of seamless carpet tiles based around a specific style. The Contemporary Collection encompasses a welcoming feeling with warm, softened colors and textures. The Contemporary style is focused on maintaining a comfortable atmosphere that remains subtle and sophisticated. The neutral tones and soft carpet pile used in the Contemporary Collection are perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere for the now. The easy do-it-yourself installation process paired with the Simply Seamless Technology makes the Contemporary Collection perfect for your home.

$1.83 / sf


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